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Working Alone

This is a professional development and personal safety program customised to client needs to ensure that lone workers are aware of safe systems of working and communicating in remote or isolated work situations.

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The course is designed to increase the professionalism, self-confidence and personal safety of employees in order to minimize both personal and organizational risks. The training is ideal for Government, Local Government, or agency employees who work by themselves and are likely to encounter difficult people or difficult situations at all times of the day or night in varying locations. Training incorporates safety first principles, risk assessments, incident management and a focus on safety. Self-assessment check lists are developed and discussed. Other issues addressed include dealing with the elements, emergency situations and importantly, the identification and preparedness for the most common issues facing employees.

Strategic Safety Solutions Pty Ltd provides a range of specialised advisory and training services locally, nationally and internationally.  A strategic focus is always maintained to achieve sustainable change and provide practical cost efficient solutions. Training courses are custom designed, facilitated in a practical and friendly atmosphere and targeted to deliver positive organisational outcomes.

The strength lies with the team and the diversity of skills available to assist your organisation in achieving positive outcomes.

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