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Community Care & Customer Service

A course tailored to meet the individual requirements of different workplaces and structured to enhance the professionalism of your organisational image.

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A “training needs analysis” precedes the design of this course.

The course is ideal for employees in constant contact with members of the community and provides them with the skill and confidence to deal effectively with all situations.

Our Participative Program Explores Issues Such As:

  • The uniqueness and diversity of each contact

  • Appropriate & professional contact options

  • Is the customer always right?

  • How would you like your customers to see you and how do you get there?

  • How to say “No” without getting complaints

  • How you see yourself against how your customers see you

  • How to win over a challenging customer

  • Dealing with the frustration of a difficult contact

  • Self assessment and self improvement strategies

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