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Our Team

Founder of Strategic Safety Solutions

Dr Ray Shuey

PhD, APM, R.R.S.P., B.A (Police Studies), Dip.
Crim., D
ip. Govt. Investigations. FAIM., FIPAAV.


Ray has focused his strategic management and planning skills to bring about positive,  sustainable,  organisational and community cultural  change  providing  practical,  realistic  and  cost effective solutions to critical issues. He is a former Assistant Commissioner of  Police  in  Victoria  having held that position for fourteen years until July 2003. Overall,  he has had 41 years of experience in law enforcement.

Senior Training Coordinator

Victor Robb

Vic has a diverse background in operational law enforcement and crime prevention duties as well 9 years in the Australian Army and 2 years as a Prison officer. As an Operational Safety Tactics Instructor during “Project Beacon” (1994-1996), Vic focused his attention on developing the “train-the-trainer” programs and providing “quality assurance” for continuous improvement. His recognised expertise led him to being chosen to assist in the review and delivery of training for the Northern Territory Police.

Vic Robb.jpg

International Road Safety Specialist

Des Myers

Des Myers was a member of the Victoria Police (Australia), with over twenty six years of operational and specialist policing experience focusing on traffic law enforcement and change management projects. He attained the rank of Chief Inspector.

Desmond Myers Director.JPG
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