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About Us 

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Expertise in Road Safety Law Enforcement

Strategic Safety Solutions has extensive experience in road safety, law enforcement, collision reduction and reducing road trauma. Ray Shuey has had over forty years of policing in the Victorian environment where over that time, positive road safety initiatives have provided substantial reductions in road fatalities. More recently his role as former Assistant Commissioner, Traffic and Operations Department (for five years), in partnership with other government departments has been responsible for further dramatic drops in the road toll e.g. 11% decrease in 2002 and 17% decrease in 2003. During that time, his role as Co-chair of the Victorian Road Safety Executive, and membership of Operation Countdown, the VicRoads Advisory Board

and the Ministerial Road Safety Council have been instrumental to achieving these outcomes.

This experience is strongly supported by personal research locally and internationally. Our membership of many international organisations ensures the provision of the most up-to-date information on new initiatives, success stories and programs which are operationally effective.

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Current memberships​

  • the World Road Safety Network

  • the Road Traffic Injury Network

  • the International Association of Chiefs of Police

  • the Australasian College of Road Safety

It is our strong view that enforcement and education programs must be complementary to each other and strategically target sustainable change in driver behaviour. Tactics and strategies must be practical, easy to implement and designed to achieve results.

Reviews and observations of enforcement strategies have been experienced in many international jurisdictions including Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe, South East Asia, India, China, United Arab Emirates, USA and Canada. This together with relevant research and colleagues with expertise in the international field provides a solid foundation upon which to provide qualified advice and services.

Our current post graduate international research is titled Benchmarking International 
Road Safety Training, Enforcement and Education for Developing Countries and complements professional activities and strategic advice currently provided. 

It is within this context that we offer advice and services, locally and internationally focused on best practice solutions to reduce road trauma. We also offer keynote or guest speaker presentations on all aspects of enforcement and road trauma reduction.

Recent Published Papers

The Safety Camera Partnership in Victoria – Key Success Factors to Achieve Road Trauma Reduction for Speed Related Collisions 2004 year Book of the Australasian College of Road Safety.

  •  Leadership role in Enforcement for Road Trauma Reduction An Australian Perspective

  •  Speed Control and Alcohol Impaired Driver Enforcement New Delhi, October 2003

  •  Impaired Driver/Rider Enforcement

  •  Alcohol, Drugs, Fatigue; Bangkok Thailand March 2003

  •  Living Streets, An Australian Perspective Traffinz Conference, Dunedin NZ. September 2002

  •  Effective Photo-Radar Road Safety Enforcement An Australian Perspective Quebec 2001.

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