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Dispute Mediation - Australia

Ray Shuey offers Conference Conveners and Coordinators the opportunity of international expertise in law enforcement and road safety. Ray draws upon his Australian experience in road safety as the former Assistant Commissioner Traffic
and Operations, Victoria Police as well as his extensive experience in road safety strategies in the international forum in particular in developing countries. His expertise includes speed enforcement practices, anti-drink driving enforcement and holistic strategies to reduce road trauma and achieve sustainable road safety outcomes. His current post-graduate research involves strategies for benchmarking traffic law enforcement internationally for sustainable outcomes. Presentations are highly interesting, stimulating and thought provoking providing practical and achievable solutions.

Ray Shuey former Assistant Commissioner Victoria Police, Australia with fourteen years executive managerial experience. Among other portfolios, he was responsible for road safety state-wide traffic enforcement and education for five years.




Ray is:

  • An inaugural member of the World Road Safety Network 2003

  •  An Associate Fellow of the Australasian College of Road Safety

  •  A Member of the Road Traffic Injury Network

  •  A Member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police

  •  A Member of the International Police Association

  •  A Member of the Leadership Team of the Australian Road Safety Collaboration

  •  A Director of the Pedestrian Council of Australia

  •  A former member of the Victorian Road Safety Executive

  •  A former member of the Ministerial Road Safety Council (Victoria)

  •  A former Director of Operation Countdown (Victorian Road Safety Program)

  •  A former member of the VicRoads Advisory Board.

In 2004, he was presented with an award by the Ministerial Council for Road Safety Victoria in recognition of his outstanding contribution to Road Safety in Victoria. In 2004 he was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation from the Chief of Police and General Security, Dubai, at the Safer Drivers in Safer Vehicles on Safer Roads Conference Workshops. The conveners of the event wish to thank him for his diligent and tireless efforts in improving Road Safety throughout the United Arab Emirates.




We provide a wide range of professional services in training and review of operational safety to organisations and occupations:

  •  the security industry

  •  store security officers

  •  fines collection and process servers

  •  sheriffs department

  •  corrections and prisons

  •  local government

  •  parking officers

  •  the transportation industry including taxis, buses, trains, trams

  • environment social welfare and social services and the educational and instructional

Reviews and Risk Profiles
We undertake reviews and strategic analyses to determine the real cause of perceived problems. Is your company exposed to current or potential liability through lack of attention to the basic requirements of employees involved in public interface and community contact? Are the risks facing employees due to policy, procedures, supervision, management or lack of induction processes or employee training to meet the changing face of our society and their occupational needs? We will provide you with a full review as a strategic analysis to identify the risks, costs and remedies to minimise injury and trauma to your employees. If this is complemented by relevant training at the various levels your employees are then clearly focused on their own safety, responsibilities and corporate objectives becoming more competent and confident in dealing with any daily or occasional problems which confront them in their dealings with the public.

Band-aid treatment to temporarily hide the problem is unacceptable. Instead aim for sustainable change to minimise the risks and enhance your organisation, as well as the safety and professionalism of your employees.

Expert Witness Opinions and Testimony in incidents involving death or serious injury
We provide expert witness reviews, opinions and court timony in civil, criminal and coronial jurisdictions. Opinions are provided based on over forty years experience in law enforcement 

  • examinations of overseas organisations

  •  assessing international best practices in operational safety

  •  tactical options available

  •  human behaviour in critical incidents

  •  the reasonableness of that behaviour

  •  the stress factor in dealing with violent behaviour

Dispute Mediation
Avoid the hassles, trauma, costs and delays in civil litigation.  We offer mediation services in short or long term disputes as an independent facilitator to achieve a positive outcome for both parties. Our qualified mediators in Alternate Dispute
Mediation provide services assisting the resolution of disputes between ratepayers and councils or local government. Also, companies and corporations involved with individual complaints, and disputes of a general nature to minimise

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