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International Services
Road Policing Professional
Development Programs

Train the trainer.
Strategic Safety Solutions Pty Ltd provides road policing experts who, by using their knowledge, international
nderstanding, experience and skills, deliver training services to meet jurisdictional requirements such as:

  •  Strategic leadership and traffic law enforcement

  •  Strategic and operational planning – development of road policing strategic plans

  •  Training needs analysis to customize specialised train the trainer programs for road policing

  •  Good practice road policing enforcement including practice-based operations on Speed management and
    enforcement tactics and strategies

  •  Drink-driving, drunk-driving and drug-driving interventions

  •  Helmet and seat belt enforcement interventions

  •  Overloading interventions and driver distraction countermeasures

  •  Safe checkpoint operations and safe vehicle interceptions

  •  Programs evaluated on the criteria of efficiency, effectiveness, safety and return on investment for both government
    and donor funding

  •  Development of guidelines and standard operating procedures for police operation focused on drink-driving, drugs,   speed management, helmet

  • enforcement, seat belt enforcement, overloading (people and freight) and countering corruption in road policing

  • Crash investigation training– basic, intermediate and high level crash investigation and reconstruction techniques

Reference programs:  Asia Pacific:  (Train the Trainer, Strategic Road Policing
Leadership - June 2014 - 33 participants from Cambodia, Indonesia, LaoPDR,
Malaysia, Myanmar, The Philippines and Vietnam), China (2007-2014 Wuxi Traffic
Police Institute of China (200 officers – all provinces represented – Strategic
leadership program); Dalian, Suzhou, Nanjing, Nanning, LiuZhou, Guangzhou, Xian,
Shenyang, Shanghai), Viet Nam (2007-2014. Peoples Police Academy Hanoi – all
provinces represented; Quang Ninh, Ninh Binh, Vinh Phuc, Bac Ninh, Ha Nam, Nghe
An, Thanh Hoa, Da Nang) Malaysia (2007 Train the Trainer Strategic Road Policing
Leadership Program for 200 Police officers – all states and territories represented),
Thailand (many programs including leadership workshops for over 150 Police
Generals and Colonels), India (2007-2013 Punjab, Andra Pradesh, New Delhi, Pune
and Bangalore) and Ethiopia (2010 -2013 Sendafa Federal Police University
College), UAE  (2007-2008) Dubai, Abu Dhabi

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