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International Services
Road Policing Capacity Reviews
– Country or Provincial

Strategic Safety Solutions Pty Ltd specializes in capacity reviews and scoping reports as an essential first step in the professional development of traffic police officers to ensure continual improvements and corruption eradication.  It is critical to know your organisational status and capacity to provide effective, efficient and safer traffic law enforcement.  This process needs to be honest and pragmatic.  All too often traffic police organisations are burdened with an array of ‘extraneous duties’ which have little impact upon road safety.  These duties include traffic management,
traffic flow, easing of congestion, VIP escorts, administration, crash site clearances and investigations, licence testing, registering vehicles and issuing permits. Strategic Safety Solutions Pty Ltd, undertakes these reviews, identifying the key burdens and barriers to effective enforcement and with key country partners facilitates the development of a three to five year tiered road policing strategic plan (strategic, operational and tactical), to target the key risk factors in road trauma and identifying pathways to divest responsibility of non-core road safety functions to more appropriate authorities. Strategic plans incorporate the core mission, a practical time-line, key objectives, performance measures, intermediate performance measures, accountabilities and achievable outcomes. Operational plans develop the work program to implement the strategies and tactical operations. Monitoring and evaluation must be included to ensure that the key planned outcomes are practical and achievable – and if not, why not?

Reference programs: Road policing strategic plans have been developed for Cambodia, Ethiopia, Yemen and Indonesia.  Additionally the framework has been provided for countries such as Lao PDR, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, provinces of China, India and two Russian States.

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