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International Road Policing Assessment Program (IRPAP) Benchmark your road policing competency

Strategic Safety Solutions Pty Ltd provides an international assessment benchmarked against international standards in road policing. This road policing tool-kit is applied to your road policing capability, law enforcement performance,
activities and current practices.  Simple, useful and affordable measures are provided as pathways towards improvement.  The outcomes of the assessment will enable:


  • Bench-marking within a jurisdiction or country and between countries

  • Monitoring of traffic police performance before and after enhancements and ovetime

  • An assessment of the capability and quality of road policing

  • An assessment of common police practices, policies, training and operations against a star-rating model for good practice

  •  Capacity building in traffic law enforcement and improvements in police professionalism

The five step assessment process identifies improvements for road policing and traffic law enforcement performance:

Step 1:  Establish a jurisdictional road safety profile including the core policing responsibilities
Step 2:  Rate your road policing and traffic law enforcement capability against each of the five key performance areas
Step 3:  Complete the rating matrix self-assessment to determine the level of organisational competence
Step 4:  Identify your strengths, challenges and opportunities
Step 5:  Accept the challenge and move forward using good practice from the identified key performance areas.

Completion of the star-rating matrix provides a visual picture of the ratings, which are the basis to the benchmarking that highlights what is required to improve operational effectiveness. The benchmarking provides a firm basis for continuous
improvement and future development. Advice is then provided on clarifying good practice within each of the five key performance areas.  The descriptions provided include recommendations for processes, actions and activities that will be required to achieve good practice outcomes. Reference materials are included to assist in further assessments. This star-rating system provides a simple and objective means of self-assessment across all sectors of traffic law enforcement. Five stars indicates good practice; one star indicates a need for substantial reforms. The assessment
within this framework can be completed without complicated analysis. The star-rating system provides a straightforward opportunity to develop improvement and investment plans for enhancements in areas such as training, technology and
support for partnerships to build capacity, and for sustainable enforcement strategies overall, which can monitor efficiency and effectiveness in performance and continually work towards higher levels of professionalism.

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